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Custom Sales Methodologies
World-Class sales performance requires configuring proven approaches to the best practices and to each part of your business. 
From territory, portfolio, account, partner and opportunity planning including volume and value solutions, BrainBox Inc. develops custom content, configures proven content and approaches to accelerate sales readiness across role.
Sales leaders and sellers agree......practical , interactive, agile and inspirational.
Business Introduction
Business Value Messaging


Focusing on true differentiation, specific sales situations and establishing connections for the right conversations is accelerated through: 

  • collaborative messaging development ,

  • sales-ready tool creation, and

  • linkage to critical selling skills

This creates momentum for company, solution, industry and strategic messaging initiatives. So from sales and marketing alignment challenges to critical product launches, fostering momentum is best done through sales-ready processes and full consideration of how successful sellers operate.

Image by Chris Montgomery
Sales Enablement Strategy & Execution 

Establishing a cadence and functional execution of sales enablement requires a framework focused on building momentum through proven approaches to sales training and enablement.
This requires cross-functional alignment around sales, marketing, operational and education best practices.

BrainBox Inc. uses a proprietary ACES Sales Enablement to benchmark and baseline organizational sales enablement capability against world-class standards. 

At times, this includes fractional sales enablement leadership, training, and support of existing sales enablement related resources.   

Virtual Selling Skills

Today, selling remotely requires a deep understanding of modern selling tools (Social, Mobile, Webinars, Collaboration, Communication) and how to link those tools with fundamentals associated with business value selling including best practices on:

  • Prospecting (Demand Creation, Social Selling, Messaging, Campaigns)

  • Discovering (Insight Selling, Root-Cause Diagnosis, Follow-Up, Triangulation, Consensus Selling)

  • Negotiating (Optimal Value, Realities, Approaches, Planks & Trades)

  • Proving (Sales Cycle Control, Technical Selling, Financial, Risk Mitigation, Implementation/Adoption)

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